Public WorksThe City of Hillsboro Public Works Department provides many of the fundamental services required to keep a community running smoothly. Our work is often behind the scenes, so you may not even think about us until we’re repairing a street in front of your workplace, maintaining a sewer line in front of your home, or picking up your street tree leaf piles.

Our Operations Division is responsible for maintaining the condition of city streets, keeping them smooth, clearly striped and free of debris. We ensure adjacent trees don’t block visibility, and we keep underground sewer lines free of obstructions. Maintenance of traffic control signs, signals, street lighting, and city-owned parking lots also fall within our area of responsibility.

But that’s just one side of our department. Our Engineering Division is focused on making sure we have adequate infrastructure as we continue growing great things in Hillsboro. Here, we work on design and construction of new public roads and sewers; plan and place new traffic control features; and provide plan review, permitting and inspection services for infrastructure projects. We also provide these services for the City’s own capital projects.

Our Facilities & Fleet Division provides a full range of support services for nearly one million square feet of City facilities and over 400 City vehicles. We serve other City departments as well as the public. Our division staff works as a cohesive team to provide services in four major areas: Programs and Support Services, Capital Construction, Facilities Operations and Maintenance, and Fleet Management.

We also provide some key services internally to help keep the City running smoothly. These include capital planning, development and maintenance of City facilities, as well as maintaining the City’s fleet of vehicles.

Across our department, you’ll find individuals who have a long track record with the City of Hillsboro’s Public Works Department and enjoy working together. We foster a culture of stewardship and service to the community, and we’re here to help you.

Call us with questions about:

  • pavement maintenance of city streets;
  • sewer line blockages;
  • trees interfering with visibility on city streets;
  • street sweeping and autumn leaf pickup;
  • street closures for special events;
  • problems with traffic signs, signals, lights and crossings;
  • maintenance of signs in the public right-of-way; and
  • plan review, permits and construction inspections for developers.

Contact Us

Operations (Roadway and Sewer Maintenance)
4415 NE 30th Avenue, 1st Floor
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

Civic Center, 4th Floor
150 E Main Street 
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

Facilities Management
Civic Center, 5th Floor
150 E Main Street
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

Non-emergency after-hours:  503-629-0111

Email us (general email box)