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What is the Transportation Division?

The Transportation Division is responsible for the public resources that allow community members to travel in and around Hillsboro, whether by car, bicycle, or on foot. 

We oversee the maintenance, inspection, and investigation of the City's transportation systems, and respond to citizen concerns.

Our responsibilities include:photo of veterans drive roundabout sign

The City's transportation system includes:

  • 230 centerline miles of pavement
  • 29 traffic signals
  • 8 solar school zone beacons
  • 6 pedestrian activated beacons
  • Thousands of traffic signs
  • Hundreds of miles of traffic striping and markings annually

Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP)

The Transportation Safety Action Plan is a document that reviews transportation-related crashed involving vehicles, pedestrians, or bicycles to find trends and identify strategies to reduce accidents throughout the City. While the City strives to reduce all transportation-related crashes, the primary focus of the Transportation Safety Action Plan is to better understand crashes that cause fatalities or serious injuries in order to further our work to reduce them.

 The plan includes transportation safety date from 2010-2014 as well as proposed programs and projects to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes.  The City has drafted a vision to strive to reduce fatal and serious injury crashed to zero by 2035.  This is an ambitious goal, but one we feel is important.  We want all members of our community, and those who travel through our City to arrive at their destination safely. 

Read the Adopted Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP)

For questions, please contact Tegan Enloe, Traffic Engineering Project Manager, at 503-681-5218.

Transportation Questions

Contact the Public Works Department.

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