El Número Seis

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El Número Seis by William Hernandez

Painting titled El Número Seis by artist William HernandezCreation: 2012
Medium: Acrylic
Discipline: Painting
Dimensions: 38"x 38""
Location: Walters Cultural Arts Center, 527 East Main Street, Hillsboro
Exhibition: Permanent


William Hernandez weaves his life in Portland with his upbringing in Lima, Peru through his work. His colorful style expresses an imaginative, dreamlike, and at times melancholic world. Hernandez often paints without sketches in an intuitive rush. If he is not satisfied with the results, he paints over the canvas. As the title suggests, El Número Seis is the sixth painting on this canvas, but includes a window onto a part of a previous painting that he chose to keep. He hopes his paintings “evoke a personal response from the viewer, thus creating a bridge crossing divides between cultures. “


Hernandez trained at Lima's National School of Fine Arts and moved to Portland in 2009. He creates both figurative and abstract paintings incorporating intense colors, warm figures, and humor. He has exhibited work in galleries and cultural centers from Lima to the Pacific Northwest and in private collections around the world. 

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