Seeds of Orenco

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Seeds of Orenco by rhiza R + D

The Seeds of Orenco apple sculpture on a foggy day at Orenco Woods Nature Park
The core of the Seeds of Orenco apple sculpture
The sun shines on the bright green and red Seeds of Orenco apple sculpture at Orenco Woods Nature Park
Creation: 2016
Medium: Painted Steel
Discipline: Painting
Dimensions: 13' high by 12' by 9'
Location: Orenco Woods Nature Park, 7100 Northeast Birch Street, Hillsboro, OR 97124
Exhibition: Permanent


Artists from the firm rhiza A + D were members of the team that designed Orenco Woods Nature Park on the former grounds of the Oregon Nursery Company. Rhiza A + D created the apple sculpture to represent the Orenco Apple, the signature fruit grown by the nursery.

The work honors the historic nursery and tells the story of natural hybridization and human cultivation. 


rhiza A+D is an architecture studio and design workshop located in Portland, Oregon. The name rhiza stems from the word rhizome - meaning shared roots - a metaphor for their collaborative work environment.

Founding partners Ean Eldred, Richard Garfield, John Kashiwabara, and Peter Nylen share two decades designing architecture and urban plans, building public art, furniture, lighting and temporary visual and performance installations. 

Visit the artist website.

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