Sequoia Collection

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Sequoia Collection by Sequoia Gallery + Studios

A Sequoia Collection piece, a painting of Dawson Creek in the morningCreation: 2013 - 2015
Medium: 2D and 3D visual art
Location: Various City offices
Exhibition: Permanent, rotating


Hillsboro‘s strong commitment to the arts is reflected in the City’s Public Art Master Plan and the Hillsboro 2020 Community Plan. As part of that commitment, the City was a partner in the creation of Sequoia Gallery + Studios. The renovation of the building at 136 SE 3rd Ave to create the gallery was an important part of Downtown revitalization. As a contribution to the project, Sequoia artists donated 37 works that were juried and accepted into our Public Art Collection.

A Sequioa Collection art piece called Did they Know Each Other features photographs, found objects, and a variety of mediaThe works are on display in public areas of City buildings to showcase the value of art in the community and our support for local artists. 

Visit the Sequoia Gallery + Studios website.

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A still life painting of a whole orange and peeled orange