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Earthquake Preparation & Recovery Resources

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Building safety is a primary concern of the City of Hillsboro Building Department. The department has been enforcing seismic design standards for all new buildings, additions and alterations since 1974 when the State adopted the Uniform Building Code.  We understand that you have questions about the construction options that are available to make your home and family safe.  Our staff is here to help you. 

Check out these helpful resources on how to prepare your home for an emergency.

Identifying Foundation Connections Video Thumbnail

 Identifying Foundation Connections

Falling Hazards Video Thumbnail

 Potential Falling Hazards

Water Heater Video Thumbnail

  Securing Your Water Heater

Turn On Water, Gas & Power Video Thumbnail

 How to Turn Off Gas, Water & Power


Information On Your Foundation:

Identifying Potential Home Hazards:

Falling Hazards

Water Heaters

 Water, Gas & Power

Other Resources:

Link to YouTube video

Link to Earthquake Preparation: Identify Foundation Connection Video Link to Earthquake Preparation: Potential Falling Hazards Video Link to Earthquake Preparation: Securing Water Heater Video Link to Earthquake Preparation: Turning off Gas, Water, & Power Video
  • Earthquake Preparation

    • Who can do the work to make my house or building more earthquake safe?

    • Does it require a building permit to do a seismic retrofit?

    • How would the Hillsboro Building Department respond after a major earthquake?

    • What is the Hillsboro Building Department doing to prepare for a possible major earthquake?

    • Is my house, apartment building or business built to withstand an earthquake? What about schools, hospitals or senior care facilities?

    • What can I do to make my house more earthquake safe?