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Inspection Scheduler

Schedule Inspections Button Image With this online portal, you can schedule single or multiple inspections, search and print inspection histories- including results and comments, and check the status of your permit

You can also still request inspections via our Inspection Request Line at 503-681-6244.

Please have the following information to schedule your inspection:

  • permit number
  • IVR number 
  • jobs site address
  • site contact phone number
Link to Inspection Scheduler
After Hours Inspections

Inspection Request Process

The City of Hillsboro Building Department provides inspections daily Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except for City holidays.

After Hours Inspections Monday thru Friday

Inspections performed outside of regular service hours, but during the regular work week, will be charged a minimum of two hours at $75/hour plus the 12% surcharge collected on behalf of the State. 

After Hours on Weekends and Holidays

Inspections performed outside of regular service hours and also outside of the regular work week (weekends and holidays), will be charged a minimum of four hours at $75/hour plus the 12% surcharge collected on behalf of the State.

What does Building Staff need to process the request?

To ensure that Building Department staff will be available at the requested inspection time, we need the following information provided to our office in writing (email is fine) no later than 2 business days prior to the requested time.  Please include the following information within your request:  

  • specific project name and permit number
  • special circumstances that create the need for an after-hours inspection
  • sufficient detail for the inspector to be able to access the site and the inspection location after hours (e.g., the need to enter through a specific door or meet the contractor in the parking lot)
  • name of the person requesting the inspection, job title, and company name 
  • please provide name and billing address

Building staff will confirm that your requested inspection has been scheduled.  If you have not received confirmation or have any questions about after-hours inspections, please call our office at 503-681-6144 or email

 Request an after-hours inspection.