Meet Our Inspection Team

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 Photo of Chief Building Inspector

John Bernards

John Bernards, Chief Building Inspector, has served the City of Hillsboro for 20 years. Prior to joining the City, John worked in commercial fishing and in the construction industry in the off-season, and was later self-employed as a contractor. Colleagues appreciate John for having a common sense style in problem-solving and for being approachable and friendly.  John is most proud of the customer service philosophy of the City and feels the best part of his job is helping people build safely and creating a positive building process.  When John isn't at work, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.

 Photo of Inspector Aaron Sroufe

Aaron Sroufe

Perhaps no one out there loves their job quite as much as Building Inspector Aaron Sroufe. Aaron believes “the diversity of projects and customers the City of Hillsboro offers is second to none,” and describes his work experience as “a picnic lunch, you never know what you are going to get!” Aaron has served the City for four years and previously spent 15 years in residential and commercial construction as a carpenter, always bringing his cooperative, flexible nature and good humor. Outside of work, the Alaska native loves traveling to Central Oregon for skiing and snowmobiling. He also enjoys waterskiing, fishing, and golfing locally.

 Photo of Inspector Anthony Nelson

Anthony Nelson

Building Inspector Anthony Nelson brings over two decades of experience in his field to the City of Hillsboro. In the time he’s spent with the Building Department, he’s developed a sense of pride in having opportunities to sincerely help the public. Colleagues describe Anthony as someone who “sees the job through to the end,” a quality highly valued in a position that requires a strong dedication to safety.

 Photo of Building Inspector, Brian Crockatt

Brian Crockatt

Brian Crockatt brings previous experience as an electrician to his role as Electrical Inspector for the City of Hillsboro. During his time with the City, Brian has been noticed for being hardworking and productive. Brian is proud of his 30-year construction career in Oregon and believes the best part of his job is “helping homeowners and contractors through the process of their project and watching it all come together.” He is proud to have worked and raised his family in Oregon and when he’s not at work, Brian loves to fish, hunt, hike, camp, and explore the Pacific Northwest outdoors.

 Photo of Inspector Eric Grund

Eric Grund

For Building Inspector Eric Grund, a commitment to custom home construction and design runs in the family. Eric “young old man Grund” worked for his 89-year-old father John Grund for 13 years in creating custom homes before branching off to start his own business in 1990. Eric has served nine years with the City and brings experience in contracting, site and underground utilities development, and general construction. When Eric isn’t engaging with customers and performing building inspections, he enjoys hunting, fishing and cooking.
 Photo of Inspector Isaac McGuire

Isaac McGuire

Isaac Elting McGuire moved to Hillsboro in 1990 and has served as a Building Inspector since 2011, and says the best part of his job is “making sure that the city I grew up in will be a safe place for people to live.” Before starting with the City, Isaac spent 15 years as a contractor and carpenter in the Portland Metro area. In his spare time, Isaac teaches motorcycle safety classes and plays softball.

 Photo of Inspector Kevin Ferguson

Kevin Ferguson

In spite of being nicknamed “Grumpy,” Lead Building Inspector Kevin Ferguson brings a positive, upbeat attitude to his work.  Kevin joined the City in 2012 after spending five years as a multi-certified inspector with Josephine County. In Hillsboro, Kevin’s colleagues describe him as being very reasonable, as his favorite part of his job is helping to resolve code issues “to benefit contractors, customers, and the public.” When he’s not at work, Kevin enjoys fishing, camping, golf and family gatherings with his children and grandchildren.


 Photo of Inspector Matt Cross

Matt Cross 

Matt Cross is an Electrical Inspector who brings expertise with industrial environments from previous employment as an electrician. Matt has been with the City since 2012, and enjoys the positive and collaborative work environment. While coworkers describe him as goofy, he takes his work seriously and gets the job done. Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time bow hunting.

Photo of Trino Godinez

Trino Godinez

Plumbing Inspector Trinidad “Trino” Godinez joined the City in 2015 after 8 years of running his own plumbing business.  He enjoys being able to provide the best service to Hillsboro customers and appreciates the opportunity to work with the community.  After emigrating from Mexico, Trino learned a new language and challenged himself to be successful.  He says, “It’s always challenging but not impossible to become what you set your mind to. I love having the ability to walk into a library and learn about anything I want.” Trino enjoys reading personal growth books, taking evening walks, and spending time with his family.



Photo of Inspector Rob Hale

Rob Hale

Rob Hale is an Electrical Plans Examiner and Inspector, self-proclaimed sci-fi and fantasy movie lover, and go-to contact for useful – and occasionally tangential – information. Rob has a combined 40+ years of experience: 8 years as a Construction Electrician, 18 years as a Project Manager and Senior Technical Specialist for Intel, and has been with the City of Hillsboro ever since. In his free time, Rob enjoys the outdoors through hobbies like gardening, fishing and hunting. He is most proud of, and loves spending time with his friends, family and grandchildren.