Meet Our Permit Center Team

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 Photo of Permit Technician, Donna Schaffer

Donna Williams

Donna has been a part of the City’s Permit Technician team since 2006. While managing large projects, her attention to detail and superb organizational skills continue to be an asset to the team. Donna is fun to be around and can make any situation memorable. Her favorite part about working as a Permit Technician is learning something new every day. During her free time away from work, Donna enjoys spending time with her husband and rambunctious little boy. Together they enjoy going to sporting events, camping and hanging with family and friends

 Brooke Cooper

Brooke Cooper

Brooke Cooper is a Management Analyst who has been with the City of Hillsboro for over 25 years, with the first 5 at the Library and the rest in the Building Department.  At the City, she’s consistently found solutions to challenging problems on behalf of the City’s customers, something she enjoys as a detail-oriented individual. Colleagues see Brooke as friendly and knowledgeable in the workplace. Outside of work, Brooke serves as the President of the Friends of the Hillsboro Public Library. Brooke enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and is a proud mom to her two boys.

Lisa Van Winkle

Lisa Van Winkle

Lisa Van Winkle is an enthusiastic Permit Technician who has been with the City of Hillsboro since 2013. Prior to joining the City, she spent 16 years with the City of Forest Grove: eleven years in the Building Division and five in Utility Billing. Lisa enjoys her position in Hillsboro because she gets to work for the city she lives in and especially because she gets to learn new things every day. Her coworkers recognize her as friendly and hardworking. When not at work, Lisa enjoys her many hobbies: reading, traveling, camping, and riding scooters with her husband, and is proud to be mom to “two awesome boys!”

 Photo of Edma Castillo

Edma Castillo

Edma Castillo is a Permit Technician for the City of Hillsboro’s Building Department. With skills gleaned from previous employment with Washington County, Edma has provided quality organizational and communications services to the City of Hillsboro since 2012. Edma is talented at interacting with a variety of people and enjoys helping people root their businesses and homes in a community she loves.  When she isn’t at work, Edma enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her family.

 Photo of Admin Support Specialist, Maria Godinez

Maria Godinez

Maria Godinez is an Administrative Support Specialist with an outgoing, team-player attitude. After taking a few years off to raise her three sons, Maria joined the City because she loves “to provide excellent and friendly customer service” to the community she grew up in. Her colleagues recognize her for her friendly and upbeat attitude. When Maria is not at work, she enjoys watching her children play soccer, as well as riding and caring for her family’s horses.