Organizational Mission and Core Values

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Community members, the City Council and hundreds of City employees contributed to developing the following statements that will help guide City of Hillsboro operations and service delivery in years to come.


The City of Hillsboro is dedicated to providing visionary leadership, delivering responsive municipal services and fostering collaborative partnerships that enhance Hillsboro's hometown livability.

Core Values

Excellence in Public Service

Striving for excellence in public service is the objective for all of our work.

Core Values Pie Chart

Respect for Diverse Voices and Ideas

Incorporating the voices, ideas and cultures that reflect Hillsboro's rich personality.

Responsiveness in Customer Service

Offering fast, friendly, flexible and fair service.

Tradition of Reliability

Valuing the stability and successes of our history.

Stewardship of the Public Trust

Sound, reasonable, honest and transparent resource management.

Leadership with Ethics and Integrity

Ethical conduct and integrity as fundamentals of strong leadership.

Culture of Teamwork and Communication

Valuing our colleagues and working in collaboration.

Emphasis on Innovation

Creative and practical solutions.

Strategic Plan

The City's strategic plan was adopted by the City Council in January 2010.