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Youth Advisory Council members holding resuable shopping bagsIn November 2018, the Hillsboro City Council approved an ordinance to encourage the use of durable, reusable shopping bags and to restrict the use of single-use shopping bags. The rules apply to all retailers and restaurants as of January 1, 2020. In Hillsboro, the rules also apply to all City, City-permitted and City-sponsored events.

In June 2019, Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 2509, which restricts single use shopping bags statewide. The State law also went into effect January 1, 2020. The following is intended to help businesses comply with State and local requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the law require?

The law restricts the distribution of single use shopping bags at point of sale at retailers and restaurants statewide.

When does the ordinance go in to effect?

January 1, 2020 

What does this mean for businesses?

Retailers and restaurants will no longer be allowed to offer single-use plastic bags at checkout. Retailers will be required to charge a $0.05 fee for recyclable paper[1] bags, reusable plastic[2] bags or reusable fabric bags at check-out, in order to help businesses offset the added cost of the paper or durable bags. Restaurants may provide a recyclable paper bag to customers at no charge. Restaurants may provide a reusable plastic bag for a fee of not less than $0.05 per bag.

What does this mean for consumers?

Consumers are encouraged to bring their own reusable shopping bags to retail establishments and restaurants. Consumers will have to pay a $0.05 pass through fee for each paper bag they use at retail establishments. There should be no fee for restaurants.Woman using a reusable grocery bag

Customers who qualify for SNAP or WIC will have the $0.05 pass through fee waived upon their request at the time of checkout.

What happens to the $0.05 fee collected by stores?
Stores keep the $0.05 fee. None of the $0.05 goes to the City of Hillsboro.

The $0.05 fee for paper bags is intended to help stores cover a portion of the added cost of providing paper bags, which are more expensive than plastic bags. The $0.05 fee is required of all retail establishments. Restaurants may provide a recyclable paper bag to customers at no charge.

What about plastic produce bags and collecting pet waste?

Plastic produce bags are not included in the law and will still be available for use. Reusable produce bags are available for purchase online and are a great way to further reduce the use of single-use shopping bags.

Plastic pet waste bags and trash can liners are not affected by the law.

What about plastic bags at food pantries and food banks?

The law does not apply to food pantries or food banks since they do not sell food. Therefore these community services are not included in the law.

What if I forget to bring my reusable bags?

Recyclable paper bags may be offered at check-out. A $0.05 pass through fee will be charged for each paper bag.

What if my favorite store still offers plastic bags after the ordinance is in effect?

The City will work to support businesses in the transition. After the ordinance takes effect, if a store continues to offer plastic bags, the City will offer outreach materials, information, and advice to eliminate plastic bags. If a store continues thereafter to offer plastic bags, the City will issue a warning. Continued noncompliance may result in a civic infraction as provided in the Hillsboro Municipal Code, Chapter 1.08.


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