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Hillsboro is a Major Employment CenterJobGrowth_2017

Hillsboro is a major employment center within the Portland metropolitan area—and it’s a place where things are made. Hillsboro is home to 26 percent of the state's total STEM jobs in computer, engineering, and sciences.

Compared to the U.S. average, Hillsboro has more than three to five times the concentration of engineering jobs and twice as many computer jobs.


Hillsboro Top Employers

 Company  Employees



Kaiser Permanente



Wells Fargo




Tokyo Electron America
First Tech Credit Union
Genentech 606
Standard Insurance
Oregon National Primate Research Center



Key Industries:

Computers & Electronics (Semiconductor, Microelectronics, etc.)

The state of Oregon has the fourth-highest concentration of computer and electronics companies in the U.S., and Intel tops the list of employers in Hillsboro, with 20,000 employees across its three Hillsboro campuses. In all, there are more than 21,500 jobs in Hillsboro focused on computer and electronics Intel Ronler Acres Imagemanufacturing, earning the city its nickname “The Silicon Forest.”

View the Semiconductor Cluster Interactive Map to learn more about the strength of the semiconductor supply chain in Hillsboro.

Key employers include:

  • Applied Materials
  • Epson 
  • Intel
  • Qorvo
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Tokyo Electron America    

Communications, Software, IT, and Data Centers

With access to a highly-educated workforce, Hillsboro also attracts companies providing products and services related to the communication and information technology industries. Technology Services is Hillsboro’s fastest growing traded sector industry—expanding jobs by 46% over the past five years. From startups to tech giants, software and media firms in Hillsboro are three times more concentrated than the US average.

Key employers include:

  • Adobe
  • Comcast
  • Infomart
  • Nvidia
  • Salesforce
  • Synopsis
  • Flexential 

Advanced Manufacturing

Hillsboro has a highly-skilled workforce performing over 3,000 jobs within general to advanced manufacturing operations. And advanced manufacturing in Hillsboro is growing at a rate of almost five times that of U.S. manufacturing overall.

Key employers include:

  • Cascade Systems
  • Columbia Industries
  • Davis Tool
  • Ornelas Enterprises


Hillsboro’s bioscience and medical device companies employ more than 1,300 people in the areas of advanced materials, software systems, precision manufacturing, and health research. These organizations often work in partnership with regional medical facilities including Oregon Health & Science University, Kaiser Permanente and Tuality Healthcare.

GNE exterior imageKey employers include:

  • Acumed
  • Acute Innovations
  • Forest Dental Products
  • Genentech
  • Oregon National Primate Research Center