Fire Investigation

Fire investigations are conducted on all fires to determine fire origin, cause, and circumstance in compliance with Oregon Revised Statue 476.210.  The Fire Prevention Division investigates between 80 and 100 fires annually; focusing on more challenging fires that may include arson, injuries, fatalities, or high dollar loses.  By investigating fires we learn valuable information needed to prevent future fires and guide our fire prevention education efforts. 

Reporting a Fire

To report extinguished fires, please call the non-emergency dispatch number (503) 629-0111 and leave the area undisturbed until you have spoken with a fire investigator from Hillsboro Fire and Rescue.  If you have a fire or if you are uncertain the fire is extinguished, immediately evacuate the area or structure, and call 911.  

Request a Fire Investigation Report

Requests for fire investigation reports are processed through a public records request.