Outdoor Burning and Recreational Fires

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Outdoor Burning

Ordinance passed by City Council, the outdoor burning of yard debris is prohibited year round within Hillsboro city limits.

  • Prohibits yard debris burning on residential properties at all time, year-round;
  • Applies to anyone who lives in the City of Hillsboro boundary.
  • Does not restrict recreational fires such as backyard fire pits, chimineas or barbecues

Recreational Fires

  • Fires for pleasure, cooking, ceremonial, or similar purposes
  • Maximum size: 3 ft diameter by 2 ft high
  • Acceptable materials: Dried wood, natural dimensional lumber scraps, charcoal, propane, and natural gas
  • Burning of the above materials does not meet the DEQ definition of materials that emit dense smoke or noxious odors
  • Required separations from a structure:
  • In ground placed: 25 ft
  • Portable outdoor fireplaces: 15 ft
  • Barbecue/fire pit: 10 ft
  • Barbecues and fire pits must be commercially manufactured, or constructed of concrete or approved non-combustible materials