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Fire Department Access Standard

The effectiveness of emergency response is directly related to the proper installation and maintenance of fire department access. The following information details the installation and maintenance of fire department access for emergency vehicles and personnel.


2014 Oregon Fire Code and Hillsboro Municipal Code §503, 505,506 and Appendix D.

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 368.039 allows road standards adopted by local government to supersede standards in the fire code adopted by a municipal fire department; however, the needs of the municipal fire department shall be considered. 

Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 918-480-0125 describes the procedure for establishing uniform alternate construction standards to address lots where fire apparatus access or fire-fighting water supply do not meet local standards as required by Oregon Revised Statue 455.610.


Fire Apparatus Access Road – A road that provides fire apparatus access from a fire station to a facility, building or portion thereof. This is a general term inclusive of all other terms such as fire lane, public street, private street, parking lot lane, and access roadway. (OFC 202)
Traffic Calming Devices - Design elements of fire apparatus access roads such as street alignment, installation of barriers, and other physical measures intended to reduce traffic and cut-through volumes, and slow vehicle speeds. (OFC 202)

Fire Apparatus Access Plan Review

Fire department access plan review begins with development review and continues through building permit review.  This includes the review of public infrastructure and private utility plans. When necessary, please provide the following for review of fire apparatus access:  (OFC 501.2. 501.3)

  • Fire apparatus access road
  • Computer modeling exhibit demonstrating fire apparatus movements
  • Access pathways
  • Gates (manual/electric) and barriers
  • Knox products
  • Building address and illumination
  • No parking signs (public and private)
  • Fire lane curb painting
  • Fire hydrants (public and private)
  • Fire department connection (FDC)
  • Post indicator valve (PIV)
  • Other fire protection equipment  

Timing of Installation

When fire apparatus access roads are required to be installed, such protection shall be installed and made serviceable prior to and during the time of construction except when alternative methods of protection are approved by the fire code official.  (OFC 501.4)    

Link to a PDF version.  Link to a PDF document Link to the gate detail PDF file.
Fire Apparatus Access Road Requirements
Multiple Access Points
Turning Movement Exhibit
Fire Lane Identification
Gates and Barriers

Premise Identification

See the Premises Identification/Addressing Standard for specific details.