Rood Bridge Park Boat Launch

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Watercraft Launch Gets Redeveloped

Kayakers launching from existing boat ramp

The Tualatin River's calm flow makes it one of Oregon's most family friendly rivers and Rood        Bridge Park provides the only access to this river in Hillsboro; however, the existing launch area is steep and hard to access. The watercraft launch area  will be redeveloped so it is a consistent     grade and slope compliant with Oregon Marine Board Guidelines and current engineering              standards. The new watercraft launch will include installation of a seasonal floating dock that    will further facilitate access for those of varying abilities. The improved ramp will also facilitate   easy access for emergency responders.

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The access will be closed for the kayaking season starting on July 17, 2017. 

For more information and updates on the project, please contact Maria Rosa Dávila Bores, Project Specialist, 503-681-5319.