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Body Cameras

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Our patrol, traffic, school resource, and K-9 officers wear body worn cameras to enhance safety, document our community-minded police work, and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the judicial process through video and audio documentation.

Officers primarily use cameras to record when responding to calls for service and during law enforcement-related activities, such as traffic stops, arrests, searches, interviews, and pursuits.

For questions, contact us.

Information for Community Members

  • Officers are required to alert community members that they are being recorded in situations when it is safe and feasible to do so.
  • In locations where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as a residence, individuals may request that an officer not record them. 
  • Officers will evaluate each situation and honor the request if deemed appropriate. Officers have no obligation to stop recording.

Video Retention

  • Retention schedules are set by Oregon law.
  • All video must be retained for a minimum of 180 days.
  • Video retention timelines depend on the type of incident and how long it takes to go through the criminal justice process.

Video Release

For public records requests for the release of video footage, Oregon law requires the following:

  • The request must be for an event for which a public interest outweighs any privacy interest. 
  • The request must identify the approximate date and time of the incident and be reasonably tailored to include only the material for which the public interest requires disclosure.
  • All faces must be rendered unidentifiable or blurred prior to release. 
  • Video evidence would also be provided to the District Attorney.
  • Generally, video related to cases still under investigation is not releasable. 
  • Public records requests are subject to approval by the Records Division Manager.