Office of Professional Standards

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To further enhance accountability and transparency, the Hillsboro Police Department has a specialized unit called the Office of Professional Standards (OPS).

This specialized unit oversees: 

  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Policy and procedure
  • Training
  • Internal affairs investigations

The unit also oversees maintenance of our new employee tracking database called “IA Pro.’’ The IA Pro database allows the department to collect and analyze incident level information on the following crucial police activities:

  • Force response
  • Pursuits
  • Citizen complaints
  • Administrative complaints
  • Firearms discharge
  • Lost/damaged City property
  • K-9 deployments
  • Litigation

View our Policy & Procedures Manual

2017 A Year in Review

As we reflect on 2017 and make plans for the future, we remain focused on community policing and fulfilling our mission:

  • To work with the community to prevent and suppress crime
  • To develop a creative, diverse and professional workforce
  • To serve people sincerely and professionally
  • To earn and hold the public trust
  • To build valued partnerships
  • Honor justice through fairness

We strive to make each year more successful and productive than the last. Thank you for your continued support.

Read the 2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Summary of Complaints

During 2017, Hillsboro officers responded to 73,331 calls for service. Out of those, the department received 32 complaints which equates to an average of one complaint for approximately every 5,600 calls for service.

Although the low number of complaints is a positive reflection of the quality of employees who serve the community, we take complaints seriously and make a point to investigate each one thoroughly.

It is our goal to constantly strive to improve our service and examining the actions of our employees provides a mechanism for improving performance, training, and compliance with policy.

Read the 2017 Annual Summary of Complaints

2017 Force Response Summary

During 2017, Hillsboro Police Officers responded with force 158 times. Our current practice is for each force response to be documented by each individual officer using force, so oftentimes, more than one force report may be generated from a single incident (especially if more than one type of force was needed or there were multiple officers involved).

In 2017, the Hillsboro Police Department responded to 73,331 calls for service which represents all police-public interactions including dispatched calls as well as self-initiated stops and investigations. To help put our force response in perspective, our officers had to use force in less than 1% of all calls for service.

Read the 2017 Force Response Summary