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Design Standards

2018 Design and Construction Standards

Design and Construction Standards Manual (Complete manual)
Section 100: General Design Requirements
Section 200: Roadways
Section 300: Signing, Pavement Markings, Traffic Signals, Street Lighting, and Communications
Section 390: Small Wireless Facilities 
Section 400: Surface Water Management (SWM) and Sanitary Sewer
Section 500: Water System
Section 600: Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention
Section 700: Landscaping
Section 800: Structures
Standard Drawings
Standard Details


 Design Exception Requests

Design Exceptions are required on projects when project design elements do not meet the minimum requirements as defined in the City of Hillsboro Design and Construction Standards Manual.

Additional Reference Material

About the Standards

The City of Hillsboro Design and Construction Standards (DCS) help to keep people and property safe by setting minimum standards for the design and construction of public infrastructure. The DCS ensure adequate quality and function of public improvements. 

While the information in the DCS is most relevant to developers and engineers, there are some sections that are applicable to home and land owners in Hillsboro. These include:  

  • Street tree and sidewalk maintenance and replacement
  • Driveway renovation
  • Drainage
  • Erosion control

The DCS also regulate the design and construction of private transportation and utility improvements which connect to or impact public infrastructure. 

The current Design and Construction Standards were adopted by Resolution 2607 on October 2, 2018.   

Questions or Comments?

For Design & Construction Standards questions or comments, please call 503-681-6146 or email us.

To report a construction issue with an ongoing project, use our online contact form