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View our citywide project map shows locations of current and upcoming construction in the City of Hillsboro, which may impact residents and businesses. 

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Current Construction

 SE Cedar Street Improvements

Adopted into the Bicycle and Pedestrian Capital Improvement Program (BPCIP), this project will add bike lanes and sidewalks to improve safety.  Additional improvements include curb and gutter, landscape strips, street trees, and lighting.

Construction: Summer 2017 - Fall 2018

Learn more about Cedar Street Improvements.

 SE Cedar Street before construction

NE Century Blvd Widening and Cherry Drive Extension

NE Cherry drive is currently a dead-end street with a cul-de-sac on the west end. This project will extend Cherry Drive across Orenco Creek to connect to NE Ray Circle, improving local connectivity.

Construction: Fall 2017 - Summer 2018

Learn more about the NE Cherry Drive Extension.

 NE Cherry Drive during construction

NE Century Blvd Extension

The extension completes an approximately 900 foot segment connecting NE Century Blvd to NE Jacobson Rd. Improvements include curb and gutter, sidewalks, street trees, and street lighting. 

Construction: Spring 2019 - Winter 2019

Learn more about the NE Century Blvd Extension.

 NE Century Blvd terminus before construction

LED Street Light Conversion

The City is converting all High Pressure Sodium street lights to energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights. 

Construction: November 2017 - September 2018

Learn more about the LED Street Light Conversion.

 Photo comparing High Pressure Sodium street lighting to LED

Surface Water Management Facilities Repair

Surface water management facilities collect stormwater runoff and remove pollutants before it drains into local streams and rivers. The City is working to repair two of these facilities and restore their original functionality.

Construction: Summer 2018

Learn more about the Surface Water Management Facilities Repair Projects.

 water quality facility prior to repairs

Future Construction 

SE Golden Road Improvements

Adopted into the Bicycle and Pedestrian Capital Improvement Program (BPCIP), the project improvements include sidewalks, drainage, curb and gutter, bike lanes, street trees, landscape strips, and street lighting.  

Construction: Spring 2019 - Fall 2020

Learn more about planned SE Golden Road Improvements.            

 SE Golden Road before construction

NE Jackson School Road Project

Planned improvements to NE Jackson School Road include adding a cycle track, sidewalks, street lighting, a continuous center turn lane, and upgrade a creek/drainage crossing. The City will also upgrade the storm system and place underground utilities.

Construction: Winter 2019 - Winter 2022

Learn more about the Jackson School Road Project.

 NE Jackson School Road before construction


NE Hidden Creek Drive Extension (47th to 53rd) 

 The extension of NE Hidden Creek Drive will provide a secondary access to residents and emergency vehicles. Improvements include bike lanes, raised cycle tracks, sidewalks, storm sewer improvements, and water quality treatment.

Construction: Summer 2019 - Summer 2021

Learn more about the NE Hidden Creek Drive Extension

 NE Hidden Creek Drive before construction

Recurring Projects

Annual Pavement Maintenance

The City visually inspects and evaluates the condition of arterial and collector roadways and prioritizes maintenance. Annual maintenance includes crack seals, slurry seals, micro-surfacing, overlays, and replacement of asphalt or concrete.

Construction: April - September, annually

Learn more about the Pavement Management Program 

 Photo of aphalt truck during pavement maintenance

Completed Projects

59th Court Outfall Repair

The City completed a two-year project to repair and extend an existing stormwater outfall at the end of SE 59th Court and install a new pre-treatment manhole and water quality filter vault. As a result of the project the embankment is stabilized and the stormwater is treated for pollutant removal before entering Rock Creek.

Funded by the Surface Water Management Local Service Fee. 

Construction Completed: Spring 2018

Learn more about the 59th Court Outfall Repair Project.

 A water pipe outfall on a steep incline at 59th Court