Sanitary Sewer & Stormwater

The health and sanitation of our City and local waterways depend on underground sanitary and stormwater sewers. Although they are out-of-sight, these utility systems are essential to keeping the City running smoothly. 

The Public Works Department actively inventories, assesses, cleans, and repairs sanitary and stormwater lines to ensure they are working at optimum capacity. 

Sanitary Sewer

Sanitary sewers carry wastewater from sinks, showers, and toilets away from neighborhoods and off to treatment facilities. Public Works manages preventive maintenance and cleaning to keep all sanitary sewer lines in good working order.

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 A sanitary sewer cap, also known as a manhole cover

Stormwater System

Residents enjoy healthy local waterways and flood prevention thanks to the City’s Stormwater System. Storm sewers provide surface water management, which prevents erosion, pollution, flooding, and runoff by directing rainwater to catch basins and treatment facilities.

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 A local waterway with changing autumn leaves in the background