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Severe Weather

City of Hillsboro Roads

To report flooding, debris in road, or icy conditions on roads maintained by the City, please submit an online form or call:

Public Works Dispatch Line

Washington County
Non-Emergency Dispatch

Washington County Roads

To read a list of closed roads, travel advisories, and maintenance information for Washington County Roads, visit their Road Closure webpage.

State Highways and Roads

To learn the current conditions of Oregon Department of Transportation highways and roads, call 511 or visit the Trip Check website.

Severe weather and natural disasters can arrive without warning. To learn how to be prepared and stay alert to changing conditions, visit our Prepare Now page

Heavy Rain and Flooding

To protect your home and family in flood conditions, we provide a sandbag fill site on a seasonal basis, generally from October through March. The fill site is located beside the Fairgrounds Sports Complex tennis courts at NE 28th Ave. & NE Veterans Dr. Please bring your own shovel to fill bags.

Help Prevent Flooding

  • Clear leaves off the street and storm drains 
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Keep piles of yard debris away from drainage ditches and streams

Snow, Ice, and Debris

City Roads, Parking Lots, and Facilities

When inclement weather — such as snow, high winds, or freezing rain — affects travel, our Public Works crews work quickly to treat and clear priority City roadways.

Priority roadways include main roads, roads near hospitals and schools, and roads with characteristics such as hills, dips, bridges, or curves that may make them more challenging to travel in severe weather. 

Thumbnail of map of Hillsboro with color coded streets to show county roads, state roads, which areas will receive anti-icing and which areas will be plowed and sanded.
Click on map to enlarge.

Based on conditions, crews will choose one of the following methods to treat priority roadways:

  • Plowing
  • Applying Magnesium chloride 
  • Spreading sanding material

Our Public Works and Parks and Recreation Departments work together to clear and treat areas in front of public buildings and public parking lots.

Sidewalk Maintenance Responsibilities

Homeowners, businesses, and/or tenants are responsible for clearing debris, snow, and ice from adjacent sidewalks, according to Hillsboro Municipal Code 6.16.070

Snow Plow

Property owners or tenants must:

  • Remove snow from sidewalks within eight hours of daylight after snow has fallen
  • Remove ice, or properly cover ice with sand, ashes, or other suitable material to assure safe travel, within eight hours of daylight after the ice has formed
  • Prevent snow and ice that has accumulated on buildings from falling onto streets and sidewalks 

If someone is injured on a sidewalk because of icy or snowy conditions and the above steps were not taken, the property owner or tenant may be found liable to the injured individual. 

Report a sidewalk safety concern to our Public Works Department.

Road Maintenance Responsibilities

Depending on ownership, various agencies — including private owners, the City, the County, and the State — are responsible for maintaining roads within City of Hillsboro boundaries. For more information, view the Roadway Jurisdiction Map

Winter Travel Safety

Winter Travel Trips for Drivers
Biking in Winter Conditions
Winter Safety for Pedestrians