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Street and Road Maintenance

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Curbside Leaf Pick-up and Drop-off Program

Public Works offers two free collection programs to help residents manage leaves during the fall season. The program includes curbside leaf pick-up and leaf disposal drop-off opportunities. Properly disposing of leaves helps prevent clogged storm drains.

Find out more about Leaf Pick-up and Drop-off.

 Photo of Public Works crew picking up fall leaves

Street Sweeping

Public Works’ three street sweepers operate February through October annually to reduce the amount of trash and pollution particulates entering our storm sewer system and waterways. From November through January the sweepers are working with the leaf pick up crews.

Get more information on Street Sweeping

 Street sweeper cleaning City road

Roadside Vegetation Management

The Roadside Vegetation Management Program helps to provide safe use of streets and sidewalks within the City of Hillsboro. Improperly maintained vegetation including trees and bushes can block sidewalks, signs, street lights, and impair visibility at intersections creating a hazard for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. 

Learn more about Roadside Vegetation Management.

 Overgrown vegetation in the right of way

Pavement Management

Properly planned pavement maintenance and repair help extend the life of existing pavement. Through the City’s Pavement Management program the City visually inspects every major roadway annually and local streets once every three years to assess their condition and determine where pavement maintenance is needed.

Find out more about Pavement Management Program.

 Asphalt pour during annual pavement overlay maintenance

Transportation Utility Fee

The Transportation Utility Fee (TUF) is a monthly fee assessed to City of Hillsboro residents’ utility bill. The fee helps offset rising maintenance costs to fund roadway operations and maintenance as well as the annual pavement management program. 

Find out more about the Transportation Utility Fee.

 Photo of pavement cracking

Street Lights

Street lights keep the City safe by providing lighting for vehicle traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists. The City is currently completing a project that will convert all High Pressure Sodium streetlights to LED streetlights.

Learn about the City's Street Lights and the LED Conversion Project.

 Photo comparing High Pressure Sodium lighting next to LED street lighting

Bicycle & Pedestrian Capital Improvement Program

The Bicycle & Pedestrian Capital Improvement Program (BPCIP) is a ten-year plan guiding transportation investments. The BPCIP prioritizes sidewalk, bike lane, and enhanced pedestrian crossing projects throughout the City. 

More information about the Bicycle & Pedestrian Capital Improvement Program

 Photo of newly constructed sidewalk on Grant Street