Pavement Management Program

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What is Pavement Management?

Pavement management is the process of planning the maintenance and repair of a network of roadways, in order to extend the life of pavement.  Life cycle costs, roadway needs, and budget projections are taken into account when planning pavement maintenance.   
Photo of pavement maintenace crews pouring asphalt onto roadway
The City of Hillsboro’s Pavement Management Program (PMP) currently has a roadway network of over 230.8 centerline miles of roadway. The City visually inspects and evaluates the condition of all arterial and collector roadways every year and residential streets every three years based on council ward. This information is entered into the pavement management database and calculations ran to determine the pavement condition index (PCI). Utilizing the PCI, current budget, coordination with capital projects and utilities, and other factors a list of projects to crack seal, slurry seal, micro-surfacing, replace asphalt or concrete (digouts), overlays and reconstruct is developed. The projects are then designed and contracted out for construction.

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Project Timeline

  • Project Development: October - March
  • Construction: April - September

Project Map

2018 Project Map

Project Contact

Brad Albert, P.E.

Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Slurry & Micro Seals

    • What is a slurry seal/micro-surfacing?

    • If the road is closed, what happens if there is an emergency?

    • The slurry/micro is scheduled for my garbage day, should I put my garbage out?

    • What about mail service?

    • Where is my vehicle?

    • Is this normal? It’s been several weeks since the slurry seal was completed and…

  • Street Maintenance

    • Who can I contact for additional information?

    • How is the street maintenance program funded?

    • How do we choose which roads receive maintenance?

    • Why did you do maintenance on my neighbor’s street when mine is in worse shape?

    • What are the different maintenance treatments the City uses?

    • How will I know when the work is to be completed?

    • Will I still be able to get to my home while they are doing maintenance?