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Rules of the Road

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Traveling is safer when drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians follow common regulations and procedures.

Below you will find guidelines and safety tips regarding:

  • Roundabouts
  • Crosswalks
  • Parking regulations

Report Safety Concerns

To report a traffic safety concern, or request a roundabout, crosswalk, or parking restriction, please contact the Public Works Department by email or in writing at the following address:

City of Hillsboro Public Works
Transportation Division
4415 NE 30th Ave
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123-4028

Please include the following in your letter or email:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Daytime phone number
  • An email address if available
  • The desired location for a roundabout, crosswalk, or parking restriction

For enforcement of existing traffic rules, contact the Hillsboro Police Department. For an immediate parking problem, please call 503-629-0111.


A roundabout is a circular intersection with several exits. Traffic moves continuously in a counter clockwise direction. Roundabouts are safer and more efficient intersections for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

The City of Hillsboro has roundabouts at the following locations:

  • Southeast Brookwood Avenue and Southeast Alexander Street
  • Northeast Veterans Drive and Northeast 34th Avenue
  • Northeast Butler Street and Northeast 65th  Avenue

Driving in a Roundabout

  • Yield to drivers already in the roundabout
  • Stay in your lane, do not change lanes
  • Do not stop in the roundabout
  • Avoid driving next to oversized vehicles.

Riding a Bicycle in a Roundabout

  • Cyclists may maneuver through the roundabout on the roadway similarly to a vehicle
  • Alternatively, bicyclists may exit the roadway at the curb ramps and use the sidewalk, similar to a pedestrian

Crossing a Roundabout as a Pedestrian

  • Use sidewalks and designated crosswalks
  • Never try to cross the roundabout and get to the central island
  • Cross one lane at a time, using the area within the raised "splitter" island for refuge
  • When crossing an entry lane, look away from the roundabout for oncoming traffic
  • When crossing an exit lane, look back toward the roundabout for traffic exiting

More Roundabout Information

Crosswalks & Pedestrian Safety

Oregon Law for Drivers and Pedestrians

According to Oregon law, every intersection is a crosswalk, whether it is marked or not. Crosswalks only exist mid-block if they are marked with white painted lines.

Drivers must yield to pedestrians at every intersection. This applies when any part or extension of their body, wheelchair, cane, crutch, or bicycle enters a crosswalk with the intent to proceed.

Oregon law may still hold pedestrians responsible if they step into oncoming traffic where drivers may not be able to stop.

Crosswalk Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of crosswalks:

  • Help maintain traffic flow
  • Protect pedestrian safety
  • Mark high-visibility crossing locations
  • Increase driver compliance when installation is limited
  • Busy crosswalks also increase driver compliance

Crosswalks also have disadvantages. Studies suggest that marked crosswalks may give pedestrians a false sense of security because they assume drivers see them. Sometimes pedestrians proceed with more caution when crosswalks are unmarked.

More Information

Read our Crosswalks & Pedestrian Safety Guide for safety tips and more information about how we determine whether to mark crosswalks.

Parking Regulations

Hillsboro Municipal Code governs by-laws and codes that regulate on-street parking. The majority of these codes are Oregon state laws governed through Oregon Vehicle Code.

No Parking: General Parking Prohibitions*

  • Alleys: Do not park or stop in alleys except as a loading zone with a 30-minute time limit.
  • Cluster Mailboxes: No parking within 11 feet of cluster mailboxes between 8 am and 6 pm. Not enforced on Sundays and federal holidays.
  • Driveways: Do not park in front of any driveway without the permission of the property owner.
  • Fire Hydrant: Do not park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Fire Lanes/Zones: No parking.;
  • Fire Stations: No parking within 15 feet of the entrance to a fire station on the same side of the street. No parking within 75 feet on the opposite side of the street.
  • Intersections and Crosswalks: Do not park within 20 feet of marked or unmarked crosswalks at an intersection. Do not park or stop within intersections.
  • Sidewalks & Bicycle Lanes: No parking. 
  • Stop Signs, Yield Signs, or Signals: No parking within 50 feet if your vehicle obstructs the view of the traffic control device.
  • Temporary No Parking Zones: No parking during the times and dates posted on these signs. 

*This is not a complete list of City of Hillsboro nor State Of Oregon parking regulations.

Special Exemptions

  • Accessible Parking: Do not park in areas designated as accessible parking, unless you or your passenger have a valid disability parking placard to display. 
  • Time-Limited Areas: You can park for the maximum hours posted. Vehicles must move off the block when time expires. 


The Hillsboro Police Department enforces parking regulations by issuing parking tickets. In certain situations, the Police Department tows and impounds the vehicle at the owner’s expense and risk. Parking violations risking life and safety can and will be enforced at any time of the day. 

More Information

Read our Parking Regulations Guide