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 Title  Author  Description  Grades  Presentations
 Let’s Save Water!  Sara E. Nelson
 Simple text and photographs describe why it's important to save water and simple ways children can save water.  K-2  
 Raven Returns the Water
(3 Copies)
 Anne Cameron  Tells the story of Raven, who along with fellow plants and creatures, is shocked to discover all the water disappearing.  K-3  Raven Returns Water
 The Magic School Bus,
Wet All Over
(30 copies)
 Scholastic  Experience the earth's water cycle first hand as Ms. Frizzle's class rises into the air, forms a rain cloud and drizzles down upon earth, just like rain!  K-3  
 The Water Cycle  Bobbie Kalman  Kids will learn about how different water cycle processes, work together to move water from the ground to the air and then back down again.  K-2  
 The Water Cycle  Helen Frost  Text and photographs describe the stages of the water cycle.  K-2  
 Why Should I Save Water?  Mike Gordon  Children learn that clean water is one of our most precious natural resources. In this book, boys and girls are told about dozens of ways in which they and their families can avoid wasting water.  K-2  
 The Snowflake,
A Water Cycle Story
 Neil Waldman  This beautifully illustrated picture book follows a single droplet of water as it moves and changes throughout one year.  K-2  
 The Rainstick, a fable
(2 copies)
 Sandra Chisholm Robinson  A young boy’s quest for the rain takes him on a journey from the hot, dry savanna to the moist, comforting rain forest. This book includes instructions on how to create your own rainstick.  3-6  How To Make a Rainstick
 A Drop of Water  Walter Wick  Wick's striking color photographs of water in various states and stages of movement capture moments of change in beautiful patterns that cannot be observed without the advantages of stop action and magnification.  3-6  
 Conservation, Fresh Water Resources  Climate Change Series  A workbook that contains several water related activities for children, also contains overhead transparencies.  5-8  
 Clean Water  Karen Barss  Discusses the problem of maintaining a clean water supply and relates this issue to such topics as pollution, depletion of sources, and other environmental concerns.  Young Adult  
 Project Wet
(Teacher Curriculum)
 The Council for Environmental Education  This 517-page guide contains 91 multidisciplinary water-related activities for students in grades K to 12.  Activities for K-12  


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