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Grade Presentations

 Presentations by Hillsboro Water Staff

 Grade K

 Water Cycle Discovery: Students will role play as water drops and discover how water moves through the water cycle and what happens when they are warmed by the sun.
 Grade 1  Physical Properties of Water: Students will examine the characteristics and physical properties of water by making predictions and recording observations while performing simple experiments.
 Grade 2  Weather and Water: Students will explore how climate impacts culture. Rainsticks are ceremonial musical instruments used to invoke the rain spirits. During this activity students will use materials to make their own rainsticks. The lesson incorporates how weather and water (or lack of) impact all cultures, and incorporates a West African fable about the rainstick into the activity
 Grade 2  Where Does Water Come From: The Water Cycle: Students will develop an understanding of the water cycle. They will then use this knowledge to create a tactile model of the water cycle and then relate these ideas to the importance of water conservation. This activity starts off by reading "The Magic School Bus Wet All Over."
 Grades 1/2  Water-wise Plants: Students will learn how living and non-living things relate and how their characteristics change based on the environments in which they live. This activity involves the students practicing the seven steps of water-efficient planting. This is a great activity to do before Mother's Day because students can decorate their pots and give them as gifts.
 Grade 3  Common Water: Armed with sponges, students will role-play how significant people, events and developments in history have shaped their own community of Hillsboro and how important water was, and still is, to that development. Activity incorporates entire class, but should be played outdoors because water will be spilled.
 Grades 3/4  Raven Returns the Water: Students connect with the water cycle and current water shortage issues through the exploration of a Northwest Native American myth.
 Grade 4  Salmon Run: Why is conserving water important to salmon? Find out in this interactive game in which students act out the salmon life cycle and discover how hard it really is to be a salmon and interact with the environment in which it lives.
 Grade 5  How's it Taste? Students will use analysis and interpretations to formulate explanations and draw reasonable conclusions based on the results of an investigation. They will do this by evaluating the taste, odor, and color of various water samples.
 Grades 5/6  Engineering Design and the Incredible Edible Aquifer: Build a geological formation out of ice cream, while exploring how engineering design is using scientific principles to modify water storage and recovery processes. Learn about aquifer storage and recovery engineering that was developed right here in Oregon and is now being used across the nation as a method to alleviate summer water shortages
 Middle School  Source to Home: Students will learn how drinking water is collected, stored, treated and conveyed to their homes and schools. Describes the process of engineering design to meet the community need for a functioning, year-round water supply of sufficient quantity and high quality.
 Middle School  Water Testing: Students will utilize basic skills for collecting and recording scientific data by testing water samples from several sources and comparing results.
 Middle School  World Water Monitoring Day: Students sample local water bodies for a core set of water quality parameters including temperature, acidity (pH), clarity (turbidity) and dissolved oxygen (DO). Results are shared with participating communities around the globe through the WWMD Web site.
 High School  Water Rights/Water Fights: Who owns the water and waterways in Oregon? How do water rights impact water use? Students will analyze the interconnections of local water systems and people within the context of past, present and future.


 Grades K-2  Where's The Water Watson? Mad Science presents an entertaining and educational show highlighting the unique and magical attributes using water cycle as the learning model.  
 Grades 3-6  What Do You Know About H20?: Mad Science presents a highly-interactive show focusing on the science of indoor water conservation.


 Grades 6-8  Water Treatment Plant & Source Tours: Available to upper elementary, middle school and high school classes. Please contact Amy Geerling at 503-615-6737 for details.


 Grade 4  Children's Clean Water Festival: The Clean Water Festival is designed for 4th grade students to learn about water and how it relates to our world. Water experts from Oregon and Washington will work with your 4th graders to explore water science and watershed ecology. To apply please see the Children Clean Water Festival's website or click on the following link: **

 Children's Clean Water Festival - School Groups

 **Festival and transportation are funded by Hillsboro Water if your classroom is approved to attend the festival.


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