Pipe Material Inventory

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Picture of a wooden pipeThe City of Hillsboro Water Department (HWD) maintains over 200 miles of distribution lines throughout the city. Popular water pipe materials have changed throughout the 75+ years that the City has owned its water system, so a variety of pipe types can be found including cast iron, copper, ductile iron, and even plastic (along the MAX tracks).

It is important to note that, despite a wide-range of pipe materials found within the city, City of Hillsboro does not have any known lead service lines in its system. Lead was used in for service lines off the original wooden pipe that served Hillsboro in the early

1900’s, but that pipe was abandoned long ago when the city bought the water system and began municipal service to its customers.  

Interested in what kind of pipe runs down your street? Click on the map below, and use the legend to identify pipe material by color. 




Map of Hillsboro's Water Lines