Fiber Network Expansion

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Your Questions Answered: Affordable High-Speed Internet Access in Hillsboro

The City of Hillsboro is committed to expanding its fiber network to provide affordable high-speed internet access for all Hillsboro residents and businesses. When? Where? How?

In addition to the positive community response, people are asking many questions about the details. These questions and answers (below) will be updated as the fiber network expansion progresses.

  • The Basics

    • How much will it cost to expand the City's fiber network? Where will funding come from?

    • How much will subscribers pay for service?

    • The City studied this in 2015. What's different since then?

    • What experience does the City have with projects like this?

    • When and where will the service start?

    • When can I order service? How will you decide which neighborhoods are next?

    • Why is the City going to offer affordable high-speed internet service?

    • Why is the City spending money on this, instead of on sidewalks and roads?

  • Advanced Details

    • How can I get involved?

    • How will this help preserve net neutrality?

    • What does this mean for public WiFi?

    • What has the City learned from other cities that have done this?

    • What is the name of the service?

    • What will the policies be on collection, storage, and use of users' data?

    • What's the plan — exactly how will the City do this?

    • What's the timeline?

    • Who will install/build the network?

    • Why is the City not using other providers’ fiber cabling to expedite service to all of Hillsboro?

    • Why is the government competing with private companies?

    • Will other cities get this service?

    • Will the City offer television and phone service, too?