Hillsboro Wayfinding Project


You have arrived!

Hillsboro now has a creative, beautiful and functional design established for a wayfinding program! This comes after input from a wide range of stakeholders, from residents to community organizations to business and neighborhood groups to our youth. The program features multiple wayfinding elements including welcome gateways, vehicular and pedestrian directional signs, information kiosks, and parking identification. Goals for Hillsboro's wayfinding are to create a sense that you’ve arrived to an amazing City, to build identity and pride, and to help locals and visitors navigate and discover Hillsboro’s history, parks, culture and businesses. Watch for wayfinding elements to appear in Downtown Hillsboro in summer/fall 2016, followed by multiple phases of installation around the community over the next number of years. Hillsboro Wayfinding image
Click here to view the full design package. Please note that artwork included in the design is illustrative only and is not final. Our goal is to engage artists to create customized artwork that represents Hillsboro's diversity.

Read below for more information on the program, and please contact Communications and Marketing Manager Corinne Weiss with any questions.


Background on the Hillsboro Wayfinding Program
Hillsboro is a vibrant and diverse community. We take pride in our agricultural heritage and values as we continue to work together to plant seeds for livability, cultivate and nurture innovation, and grow great things. To support this, the City is working with community partners to create a wayfinding system that conveys “you have arrived to an amazing community!” We want to ensure this system reflects the great things that are growing in Hillsboro, generates community pride, helps locals and visitors navigate and discover our history, culture, parks, resources and businesses – and makes Hillsboro a place people want to live, work, visit, play and stay!

Thphotos of existing Hillsboro wayfindinge current directional signage in Hillsboro is a jumbled and confusing array of sign types, colors and configurations – see visual on the right. Our goal is to transition to a strategic, trustworthy and consistent city-wide system over the next number of years. In summer 2014, with the help of community-wide stakeholders, a solid vision for Hillsboro’s community wayfinding program was established.

Hillsboro’s Wayfinding Vision:
  • Authentically Reflect Hillsboro
  • Provide a warm welcome
  • Inspire exploration
  • Celebrate history, culture and diversity
  • Integrate graphics, public art, and the built and natural environment
  • Incorporate pedestrian and bicycle wayfinding to encourage modes of transportation other than vehicular
  • Reflect each unique area of town while identifying all as Hillsboro

Current Project Status:

After input from stakeholders on three initial design ideas, the final design has been created. View the initial three design ideas below:

In addition to establishing the design of the system and the various sign types needed, we are continuing to work on a map of physical sign locations and corresponding specific sign messages, as well as an estimated budget for fabrication, installation and maintenance costs. A phased, multi-year installation plan will be created based on sign priorities and funding. The City has been awarded a $125,000 grant from the Washington County Visitors Association for wayfinding implementation, including to help make the new Brookwood Parkway overpass gateway artwork and Downtown Hillsboro wayfinding possible.

More Information:

Please feel free to contact Communications and Marketing Manager Corinne Weiss with questions.