Community Services

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The City of Hillsboro works together with community partners, local businesses, other local government agencies, and our community members to thoughtfully plan for and grow Hillsboro's future.

Our Community Services team works to support local businesses, projects, and programs that improve the lives of Hillsboro residents, and enrich the quality of life in our community. 

Hands hold a cardboard sign that states "I need a home."A muti-unit housing building is under constructionA smiling young boy gets a piggy back ride from his mom

These efforts include: 

Homelessness Initiatives 

The City of Hillsboro is dedicated to maintaining our City's livability for everyone and is taking concrete steps to address the issues of homelessness in our community.

Learn more about Hillsboro's Homelessness Initiatives.

Affordable Housing Support

In order for our community to continue to grow, the supply of affordable housing to serve Hillsboro's growing workforce and families of all income levels must increase as well. Development of market rate and affordable housing is a 2018 City Council Priority, and the City is working to finalize an Affordable Housing Action Plan. The plan involves research and analysis, forming partnerships, providing grant funding, performing advocacy work, and making policy changes.

For more information on Hillsboro's Affordable Housing Support, please contact Chris Hartye at 503-681-5233.

Grant Programs

The City of Hillsboro is proud to offer grant programs which provide support to local social service agencies for projects and programs that help to improve the lives of Hillsboro residents.

Read more and find a complete list of Hillsboro's Grant Programs

Contact our Community Services Manager

For questions, comments, or partnership opportunities, email our Community Services Manager or call 503-681-6219.