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Homelessness Initiatives

Hands hold a sign that states, "I need a home"

Throughout the world, homelessness is a complex societal issue that is about much more than living without a home — it's also about the causes and barriers of getting back into safe and affordable housing.  

While local governments like the City of Hillsboro and Washington County are involved in addressing the issue, it requires federal, state, and nonprofit partnerships to meaningfully address homelessness.

Homelessness is not a new issue, but as it has become more visible in our region, the City of Hillsboro has dedicated additional resources. We recognize the importance of maintaining Hillsboro's livability for everyone. 

The City is taking steps to address homelessness in our community.

Current Initiatives

Homeless Work Group
Metro HomeShare Program
Trash Bag Pilot Program
Point-in-Time Count 2019

Implemented Initiatives

  • Entered into a contract with HomePlate Youth Services to bring dedicated outreach services to Hillsboro focusing primarily on youth ages 12 to 24. 
  • The Hillsboro Police Department Crisis Intervention team, including the hiring of a new full-time Homeless Liaison Officer, will provide an organized and dedicated response for issues surrounding homeless, mentally ill and other at-risk populations. This team will collaborate with law enforcement, government service providers, non-government organizations, other individuals and groups, and our business community.
  • Participated in the 2018 Point in Time Count (PIT) and will be leading the efforts for Hillsboro in 2019. This count helps to determine the need and number of individuals living in homelessness in Hillsboro.

Funding Programs

A woman smiles near her front door holding keys to her new home

Local Homeless Shelters and Resources

Contact our Community Services Manager

For questions, comments, or partnership opportunities, email our Community Services Manager or call 503-681-6219.