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Data Privacy Principles

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Data is an essential tool for improving connectivity, mobility, public safety, service delivery, and environmental resource management for the Hillsboro community.

The City of Hillsboro greatly values community members’ privacy and has developed five data privacy principles to guide the collection, storage, and use of personal information; including an individual’s name, residential address, phone number, and email address.

Demonstrating its strong support for protecting data privacy, the Hillsboro City Council voted unanimously in December 2018 to adopt these five principles, which are the result of collaboration and input from Hillsboro community members, national data experts, and industry leaders.

  1. The City values the privacy of our community members
    The privacy of all our community members is very important to us. The City will seek guidance before making changes to data-related procedures or policies that could impact community member privacy.
  2. The City collects and keeps only the personal information needed to provide services and maintain community safety
    We only collect personal information that is needed to deliver municipal services and protect public safety. We keep this information as long as we are legally required or as long as needed to continue providing service. Then it is disposed of securely.
  3. The City ensures responsible handling of community member data
    The City will not sell or share personal information for marketing or financial gain. The City follows federal and state laws that dictate our requirements when responding to public information requests and when working with outside governmental agencies. Business partners and contracted vendors who receive or collect personal information from us or for us must agree to comply with our Data Privacy Principles.
  4. The City protects the security of community members’ personal information
    We protect personal information by training our employees on data security, restricting improper access to personal information, and maintaining strong computer and network security.
  5. The City takes concerns related to data privacy and accuracy seriously
    Community member concerns about the privacy, security, and accuracy of their personal information that are brought to our attention will be investigated. The City works to be responsive and correct any inaccurate personal information that may cause personal harm.