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Net Neutrality Position Statement

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The City of Hillsboro supports an open, equitable and unrestricted Internet, and believes that both Internet users and content providers should have the ability to use the Internet in an open and non-discriminatory fashion. As such, the City of Hillsboro supports these principles on behalf of our community:

  • City of Hillsboro Internet customers should have access to their choice of legal Internet content within the bandwidth limits and quality of service of their service plan. If a City of Hillsboro Internet customer requests access to a website or service, and the content is legal, the content will not be blocked.
  • The City of Hillsboro will not intentionally slow down some content (e.g. “throttling”) or speed up others.
  • City of Hillsboro Internet customers should be able to run applications of their choice, within the bandwidth limits and quality of service of their service plans, as long as they do not harm the City of Hillsboro network.
  • Consumers should be permitted to attach any devices they choose to their broadband Internet access connection at the consumer's premises, so long as they operate within the bandwidth limits and quality of service of their service plans and do not harm the provider's network or enable theft of services.
  • City of Hillsboro Internet customers are entitled to competition and an un-altered user experience among network providers, application and service providers, and content providers. Accordingly, the City of Hillsboro will not utilize paid prioritization of content or applications.
  • City of Hillsboro will use network management tools/techniques to improve the Internet experience (e.g. techniques to alleviate congestion and/or ameliorate capacity constraints) so long as there is no anti-competitive or discriminatory impact to our customers.
  • City of Hillsboro may offer differentiated services to supplement broadband Internet access, including bandwidth tiers, quality of service, wireless gateway, security, anti-virus and anti-spam services, and network management services, to enhance the customer experience and service feature options available to our customers.