Civic Center Parking

Civic Center Parking Lot – 150 E Main Street

  • 12-minute to two-hour customer and visitor parking.
  • Accessible parking spaces do not have time restrictions.

Washington County Parking Structure – 1st and Washington

  • Two-hour Visitor parking on second floor of the structure (For all other floors, a parking permit is required by Washington County Facilities Department).

Lincoln Lot – NE 2nd Ave (between Lincoln and Jackson)

  • Four-hour parking for Civic Center visitors, customers, vendors, contractors, and tenant patrons by permit. Contact the City Manager’s Office to obtain a parking permit.

Accessible Parking

  • Accessible parking spaces are available in the Civic Center Parking Lot and Underground Garage as well as along both sides of East Main Street. These spaces do not have time restrictions.

No facilities found.