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Revision Application Process

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The Building Department allows for the submittal of revisions on existing permits, only after the permit has been issued.  If you have revisions to your project that is still in review, please include those when you are responding to Plan Review comments at the Applicant Resubmit Task.  Without prior access to a project, and/or the system you will be unable to submit for a revision.  

If you have any questions please ask us.  You can call us at 503-681-6144 or email us at

Application Process

To submit a revision, login to the ProjectDox, and begin under the Start New Application Request Area.  It looks like this:

Revision Submittal Application Process - Image of Start New Application Reqst Location

Next, select from the drop down menu "Building Department Revision".

Revision Submittal Application Process - Image of Step 1 of Request

Then complete the Request Name field with the project name, and select the Start my Application Request button.  

Revision Submittal Application Process - Image of Completing Start of Request

You will be prompted to read and agree to terms of using software.  Next you will need to complete the Application Information form.  Please enter your existing building permit number, and the revision number.  There is an example on the form to prompt you.  If the revision results in a change of value, either additionally or decreased, change the submittal valuation, otherwise, leave it at $ 0.00. A change of value does also require a revised application. Make sure to complete all required fields.

Revision Submittal Application Process - Image of Application Form

Next you will need enter the Applicant Information, as seen below.  Please enter all required fields, and either submit request or save for later if more time is needed.

Deferred Submittal and Revision Application Process - Image of Deferred Submittal Application Form Applicant  Fields

If you selected the Save for Later, your project will be stored under the "In Process Application Requests" on the OAS home page.  You can edit these applications and submit, copy, or delete when ready.  Please know that the Request Number that is give does not pull over to your project, and there is no way for us to track that number.  We will always track by your existing permit number.


After you have submitted your revision application, you will receive a message that lets you know your project was submitted. 

Deferred Submittal and Revision Application Process - Image of Deferred Submittal Applicaion Request Confirmation

You should receive an email that includes an invitation for that project, and the project should be listed under your Tasks. You will need to upload your drawings and documents and then complete your task. Please see the  instructions on how to upload your information to the project, and how to complete your task if you need help.